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By utilizing RCP America, you’ll eliminate the costly need to hire and train full-time employees. No longer will you be responsible for payroll, social security, unemployment taxes, sick leave or vacation reimbursement, health insurance, uniform costs and turnover. That’s because we do it for you!

CSI Scores

Everyone knows that a satisfied customer is more likely to be a return customer. That’s why auto manufacturers place such a strong emphasis on new car dealerships to improve and then maintain high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores. Our professionals will ensure that all of your vehicles always look their best!

Quality of Services

In our experience, most dealerships, both new and used-car, struggle with the appearance of the vehicles they sell. It’s difficult to keep every vehicle looking new, all the while stressing about just-sold vehicles that require clean-for-delivery status. With RCP America on your team, you no longer have to worry.

Turnaround Times

An inefficient turnaround process results in lost time, money and could possibly weaken CSI scores. We’ll implement a winning formula that ensures each step will be as efficient as the next.

Materials and Equipment

Chemicals and equipment are expensive. They are also stolen frequently and this shrinkage is expensive. With RCP America running this department, our customers no longer have to worry about these expenses.

Workflow Management

At most dealerships, the work comes in waves. RCP America has the flexibility to move staff from one dealer to another to accommodate the fluctuating needs of our customers. The dealers we service no longer have to worry about overtime costs or slow turnaround times because of the fluctuation of incoming or sold vehicles.


RCP America’s Dealer Service first core value is PROFESSIONALISM. Our commitment to raise the level of professionalism in this industry drives us to push our employees to look and behave in a professional manner at all times. This is our mission and our commitment.


RCP America provides a fixed cost per vehicle. Our customers know what our services cost before the vehicle even enters their inventory. Our dealers are able to use this to their advantage because there are no hidden charges or surprise invoices that decrease the profitability of the dealership.

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why choose us

  • Premium Detailing Products
  • Detail Staffing Services
  • Paint & Fabric Warranties
- 01
Premium detailing produts

We have a consistent product with higher CSI scores.

- 02
detail staffing services

Professional and superior on-site interface with dealer sales staff, support staff and management.

- 03
Paint & Fabric warranties

RCP America has the nations best Paint and Fabric Warranty. 

- 04
marketing services

We have a developed structure for every service which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

- 05
Billing & Invoicing

We have billing and invoicing with the most sophisticated software in the industry.

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