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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

RCP America is Happy to announce we have partnered with MAXSHINE! We both share the ideal that Quality and Durability should come first in the Detailing industry.

In a effort to keep with this belief and to help keep your work station clean and organized is now offering some of MAXSHINE highest rated products such as ...

Foam Pad Holders: Available in both 5" and 6", Maxshine Foam Pad Holder will assist in keeping your “go-to” pads neat and organized, making your time detailing more efficient and enjoyable.

Mounts directly to the wall and looks great in any Garage Build or Mobile Detailing Set Up!

32 OZ Compound Holder allows for optimal organization of your 16oz and 32oz compounds.

Upgrade your garage, mobile detailing van, or any space designed to keep your detailing flowing smoothly.

Organization is the key to success in our Detailing Industry.

Our Compound Holder mounts directly to the wall with the corresponding screws included in the packaging to keep your business or detailing passion running efficiently.

And best of all, reduces the chances of spilling valuable product!

Polisher Wall Holders is one of a kind, with sturdy Iron construction and a sleek look for any space you need to organize.

Featuring large space for cables to be wrapped neatly and hidden, as well as a flawless construction that is durable and stylish.

Perfect for any garage build or mobile detailing set up!

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