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Frank Beck is one of those drivers you can tell was born to race!

One of Frank's earliest and fondest memories is watching his father race at the Golden Gate Speedway. Ever since that day, it has been impossible to get Frank out of the driver's seat, and he has become quite the veteran and decorated racer.

Frank has many victories under his belt including but limited to Lucas Oil Southern States Mudget, Oglethorpe Speedway Park, Marion County Speedway, Southern Outlaw, and East Bay Speedway Park in 2018 and 2021!

Frank is currently in Tulsa preparing for one of his biggest races yet, the 36th Annual Chili Bowl and he is also the only Floridian competing! Frank would like to thank everyone for the support, especially all his dedicated crew, Tanya Beck, Nik Andrade, Stephen Henderson, and Brian Clark. "Thank you all for being there on one of the biggest nights of my life."

Congratulations again, Frank! The RCP Family is cheering you on and we'd love to see Florida represented in the winner's circle!

Be sure to tune in to (click to be linked) this Tuesday at 5 pm Eastern time to root on your hometown champion!

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