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The current automotive customer is more informed and demanding than ever before. Manufacturers have extremely stringent standards for CSI, and they often seek third-party endorsements such as JD Power & Associates. Because of this, the detail and reconditioning of new and used vehicles is more important than ever.

  • QUALITY detail services performed consistently by a trained efficient staff of technicians.

  • Dealers need to receive full VALUE for every dollar they spend on the detail services they receive.

  • COMPLIANCE with all local and federal regulations. (OSHA, labor laws, etc.)

  • Dealers prefer that their detail departments have a variety of cosmetic SERVICES available to resolve cosmetic issues so vehicles can be delivered quickly and with a high CSI score. 

Give us a call and let us know how we help our customers focus on selling and servicing their cars, instead of wasting valuable time dealing with the headaches of running a detail department. 

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