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Ric Voisey is a veteran racer who started his career in 1991 racing in karts , then he moved on to outlaw modified in 2004. Five years later in 2009 Ric finally started to race non wing Sprints with Checkered Flag sprint series. Ric would stay with the series untill it ended and never finished outside the top 10 in points. Ric then decided to give up the drivers seat for his daughter Nikki who dominated the dirt track landing in the top 6 all 4 years. Since then Ric has decided to make his return to the track running non wings sprints at Show Time Speedway. Ric has his work cut out for him going against some highly experienced racers on a asphalt track in a Dirt car but has put up a great fight and currently is sitting 5th in points. RCP America has Sponsored Ric for A little over 5 years now and has enjoyed every Suspense filled race. Good luck Ric RCP is rooting for you.

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