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FOX 13 : Tampa business creating disinfecting products to fight COVID-19

By FOX 13 News staff

Published November 5, 2020 TAMPA, Fla. - For 35 years, family-owned business RCP America has been manufacturing products for the automotive industry.

"Degreasers, soaps, polishes, that kind of stuff," said Michael Lamb, the president and CEO.

But when the pandemic hit, they were faced with questions affecting businesses all across the country.

"What are we going to do? We have hundreds of employees. How are we going to keep those people safe first and foremost and how can we continue to keep doors open?" said Lamb.

They discovered they already had the solution to not only saving but growing their business.

"One of the key products that we had had disinfectant properties and we recognized how good it was. We sent it to a lab. It came back with great kill rates comparable with anything in the industry," said Lamb. Their new products include hand sanitizers and those disinfectants that can be had to find in the store.

"The pandemic is huge it changed a lot of people's lives and the thing that we focused on is helping people. How do we keep people safe? That's the biggest piece of this," said Lamb.

They said businesses are already buying their products to help employees and customers move into phase three of the pandemic.

"Went to multiple municipalities, theme parks, dealerships. Sold a lot of that product to help them," said Lamb

"I'm happy that we're able to make a product that not only helps our employees but employees all over. It's important that we continue to do this and continue to stay on pace as this pandemic narrows down but stay ahead of it as we go through it," said Lamb.

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